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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey, hot nerds! I built The Hot Nerd after a trip with my extremely smart friends who opened my eyes about how super-intelligent women can be really beautiful, and yet really–and I do mean, really–clueless about love and relationships and dating. Sure, my friends went to the best schools on the planet, they’re Ivy League educated, they’re professionals and over-achievers, but during our trip, one of my friends who’s very book-smart and who had every idea about how to manage work on that trip, told me that she needed extreme help with dating. I thought, you know what? There’s so much required school for everything else, but no in-school training of men and women, boys and girls, on how to date, how to love properly, how to take care of one’s heart and soul, how to identify one’s soulmate, how to have healthy relationships, how to marry and be in happy in one’s marriage–none of that! Enter The Hot Nerd! TheHotNerd.com is a guide for smart guys and gals who are intelligent about everything else, but super-awkward and (yes, a little foolish) when it comes to love. The Hot Nerd’s articles are of specific service to late bloomers who are nerdy and awkward in relationships! Just because these ultra-intelligent, nerdy, late bloomers grew up to be hot, intelligent, amazing, go-getters, with high achievement and high IQs, doesn’t mean that their Love IQ is strong. The Hot Nerd will offer direct love hacking and coaching in its articles, such as:
  • How To Date After Age 20/ How To Date After Age 30/How To Date In Your 40s & Beyond, etc.
  • When To Stop Dating Multiple People & Focus On One
  • How To Have A True, Grown-Up, Relationship
  • How To Love A Controversial Boyfriend
  • How To Break Up Without Awkwardness
  • How To Save Your Relationship From Bad Gossip
  • How To Date A Man Who Isn’t Wealthy
  • How To Reveal Your Worst Side To Your BF (Without Scaring Him Off)…
  • 30 Dating Commandments You Must Know By Age 30…
  • 12 Tips You Should Have Learned From Ciara’s Love Life
  • Dating Tips To Know After The Aziz Ansari Story
Signed, China Okasi Your Love Hacker

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