01: Introducing The Hot Nerd – Smart Love & Relationships, w. China Noelle

Hey Hot Stuff!

Excited to introduce The Hot Nerd, with China Noëlle — that would be me! xo

In this trailer, you’re getting a hot taste of the juicy relationship, love, dating, and romance topics to come. We’re going to be talking about whether you’re settling, panicking too much about your status, surrounding yourself with the right mates and friends in love, as well loving your own self as deeply and thoroughly as possible. It’ll be the hottest, nerdiest, podcast you’ve ever heard–with me, China Noëlle, as your go-to gal!

Upcoming topics?

  • Why I Think You Should Live Together Before Marriage
  • Relationship Roles Get Tricky (If Your Man Makes Bank)!
  • How To Tell If You’re “Settling” In Your Relationship
  • Your Relationships With Friends & Lovers Might Actually Be Abusive
  • Is Marriage A Realistic Concept For The Future?
  • For Gals Who Don’t Have Kids By A Certain Age & Are Freaking Out
  • Are Dating Apps Dead?

Leave a comment about what YOU would like to hear about in future episodes! Feel free to introduce yourself or leave a message at anchor.fm/thehotnerd!

With Hotness & Love,