03: (BONUS) Beauty Tips to Start Now & Look Fab When Lockdown Ends

Hey hotties & lovers, why not pimp indoor life by prepping NOW to be cute for when you can start dating your significant other, future bae, current love, or imagined sweetheart again–after quarantine?

Let’s talk beauty tips you should ritualize now, so that you’ll be lit and glowing when lockdown ends, and you’ll mesmerize your love interest like no other! Listen in, especially for my face and feet tricks, wink-wink!

Gentlemen–you can listen too!

In this episode, I’m giving super-quick, but super-major tips on fabulousizing your precious self during lockdown.

We’re covering FACE — skin: aging, hyperpigmentation, exfoliations, sunscreen, and vitamin C tricks!

BODY — skin: intimate areas, important to laser/IPL at home…

And don’t miss my FEET story and tricks in this episode! Lol. It’s a 10-minute podcast listen, and allll so worth it.

Wanna join the fun? Drop me a line!