How Do I Date Better People Than The Ones I Choose?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re a true Hot Nerd, then this description probably suits you: you’ve seen success throughout your academic and professional career. You’ve been described as intelligent and with good bearing. But when it comes to love you’re clueless, and I daresay, even STUPID (sorry. Been there, done that!). So, with that naiveté comes your inability to choose, well, good guys! You’ve probably fallen for guys who, later on, you regretted even considering, am I right?

Well, don’t worry. Here are some tips to meet and date better guys.


1. Expose yourself. If you’re choosing crappy guys, I’m guessing you’ve been stuck in the same sphere most of your dating life called your Comfort Zone. Dating is risky business, and to meet better people, you have to learn how to get yourself out there and expand that comfort zone. It might be a challenge for you to get out of bed and try going out with friends to a pub, or it might be uncomfortable for you to go dancing once in a while, but the only way to date better people is to expand your base and actually meet more people.

Buried in books or in work, you’re never going to find anyone more interesting than you already know. Get yourself out there and be sociable!

2. Be open to blind dates. I know, I know. Blind dates are so passé, right? WRONG. Sometimes, your friends (who are possibly more sociable than you are) meet great guys who are also in the market to meet a great girl. Say yes to that blind date your friend has been bugging you to go on! After all, you’ll never know how it turns out. If it turns out great, the possibilities are endless, right? If it doesn’t turn out too good, then at least you had a free meal (considering he pays). Just take the plunge and go!

3. Try to date online. The internet has done wonders for mankind. Just a click of a button and the world is literally at your fingertips! Do you believe me when I say that the guy you’re destined with may be online right now?! Take advantage of the vast playing field online and install a dating app. So many guys and girls are already signed up, and it’s a great way to actually spot people who you can potentially click with.

If you already have an online profile, please, by all means, update it! Sometimes, we leave it unopened for so long, I swear, cobwebs have taken over your profile! Put out a cute photo and appealing descriptions. You really will never know how many messages you’ll find if you spruce your profile up a bit.

4. Travel. A huge tip I can lend to you if you’re out looking for great people is to hop on a plane and travel. Traveling gives you so much freedom to be completely yourself in an alien place where no one knows you, and no one expects anything of you. Traveling can help you ease yourself up and do things you didn’t think you could back home because of social pressure. Plus, there are tons of guys who are in your position, too — they want to expand their worldview and meet interesting people. Isn’t that a bargain?!

5. Volunteer. A lot of good people are out there helping out our less fortunate neighbors. Look for a nearby orphanage or home for the aged and volunteer! You’ll be helping, and you’ll even get to meet people along the way. If you don’t meet a guy you particularly like, don’t worry. At least you’ve done some good, right?

6. Get into a sport. One good place to meet people is through a physical activity. If you like hiking, join a hiking group! If you like to surf, organize an open surf trip. If you enjoy football, try to join an adult league. You’ll be surprised to find a number of guys you’ll meet. A ton of guys get into sports because it’s somehow a way to relieve stress from work or from school. Take your pick!


Finally, really, the best advice I can give you is to be brave. Oftentimes, our insecurities get the better of us, and even if a good guy is standing right in front of us, either we chicken out and walk away, or we convince ourselves that he’s too good for us. Stop it right now: be confident and brave, sister![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]