How Every Single Woman Must Love Herself

This FREE e-book is super-cute and charmingly amazing. It’s a simple, quick, and powerful, mini-manual of self-love tips to remember if you’re a woman–no matter your relationship status.

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  • Single women, how many messages do you receive daily about how single you are, and what you must do in order to please someone else enough to love you?
  • Some of the language and psychologies of modern society can break any woman down and make women think that they’re not worthy if they don’t have the approval of someone else–who, by the way, is no more human than they are!

You would think by some social standards that marriage is a god, and that dating/relationships are the sacrifices you must pay to it, in order to be recognized as a worthy human being. You are enough. And so is this lovely mini-guide on loving yourself as a woman!

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