How To Let Your Soulmate Find You

This FREE book is a very quick, gorgeous, amazing, read! Did you know that the biggest secret in relationships is that they drive themselves–and that you don’t have control over people’s actions as much as you do your own actions?

  • Letting your soulmate find you can be the hardest task for any go-getter/accomplishment-driven, individual, because society tells us that we have to do the work to get anything.
  • Guess what: love requires only for you to be ready and discerning enough to welcome strictly positive matches that complement you.
  • Letting your soulmate find you is a skill that comes with relaxation in dating (not gripping your love interest, not suffocating yourself or someone else, but just), being as open, surrendering, and soothing to your soul as possible.

Your life will tell you what you need in a mate, and your attentiveness to the relationship resources around you will clue you into how to make yourself available to your mate. Dating, relationships, letting one’s soulmate find its match is a delicate balance between knowing when to act, and knowing when to fall back and relax.
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