04: How To Level Up In Dating & Relationships

Are you always dating folks who are, in truth, not on your level? Ciara’s story with Russell Wilson sounds fabulous, but what does “leveling up” really mean when it comes to relationships?

Admit it: all relationships, in fact 100% of them, turn into mundane routines after the thrill of chasing–a love interest fades. What happens when you’re dating or eyeing the wrong person, or when there’s really nothing to chase anymore?

In order to level up–and stay that way, we can’t just do it one time, we have to find and MAINTAIN the thrill…partner with people who keep pushing with us to our next levels!

And we can only do so by being honest about this episode’s three areas of staying leveled up: 1) leveling up the self, 2) leveling up by not being afraid of money–and chasing it with someone who pushes you…and 3) leveling up your soul with the right person.

Listen into Episode 4, as we break it all down & feel free to drop voice notes at anchor.com/thehotnerd.

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